During our recent holiday, we all hired scooters to tour Nusa Lembongan and the neighbouring island of Cennigan. Apart from having to brave an endlessly long, rickety, rope bridge (I hyperventilate just thinking about it as it was my maiden scooter voyage!!), riding around was such brilliant fun and a great way to take in all of the surrounding beauty.

In one of the villages we happened upon a crowd of people shouting and cheering in a tight group, watching something on ground level. I instantly thought it must be rooster fighting seeing that they are common in Bali but upon closer inspection, we discovered Cockroach Fighting. Organised, structured, complete with gambling, under a marquee, Cockroach Fighting. I immediately thought of my Mum, who was terrified of cockroaches and had an inward laugh picturing her popping on a bet. There have been many moments in my life when I have wondered if the world is completely nuts, and this was certainly one of them. All I can say is: “Each to their own…”