When I was at Uni, I would phone my Mum and she would always ask me how I was feeling. If I was flat or feeling low, she would ask this simple question: “Do you have any projects at the moment?” Now, as a busy Mum, with a lot to juggle, I can gauge my wellbeing by asking that same question of myself. On a global level, there can be so much to despair about and sometimes that feels completely overwhelming but I always marvel at how having a simple project, no matter how tiny, completely changes my mindset. Recently, I dusted off my old photography equipment and turned our old shipping container bedroom into a little studio so that I can take some photos for work. I found an old IKEA bookshelf still in it’s box and built that to absorb some book clutter and I unpacked old curtains, a rug, some pictures and my Mum’s old writing table to complete the space. Even as I was pottering, cleaning and kicking putting together the bookshelf, I felt…happy. It’s a tiny shift into feeling purposeful that makes the difference and my wish is for everyone, everywhere, to be able to find a small joy, a project, that makes them feel worthy.