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From McLaren Vale, South Australia. I am…Anna, partner to Steve, Mum, sister, daughter, friend, life juggler; green smoothie in one hand, glass of wine in the other. 3 sons, Momo the Jack Russell, and an ever-changing small population of chooks, pigs and other farm animals. We live on a property overlooking McLaren Vale with an onsite winery, bar and family owned wine business.

Just A Thimble

“Just A Thimble” is a conversation about giving. We have owned our business for almost ten years and during that time, I have been busy with our three sons and being Steve’s wing-woman. Last year, I gave myself a small role in the business, managing the ways that we can support initiatives that resonate with us and to find those “thimble sized” opportunities for giving, knowing that over time, the small drops form a stream, the stream a river, the river an ocean, and so on.

“Just A Thimble” is the standard reply I give to my partner Steve when he offers me a glass of wine…unless it’s been a trying day…or it’s Thursday, Friday or Saturday night (a nod back to Uni years)…in which case I may consume a thimble or three…

Giving Back

Steve’s favorite ways to give have been to champion creatives – commissioning art for our wine labels and winery walls, musicians and foodies for our functions, setting up a creamery with a local cheese maker, a furniture business to recycle our barrels and other reclaimed timbers…Vignettes about these ventures will be included in the blog part of the website.

My first attempt of giving from our business has been to set up Send A Bottle With Love. A gift initiative where people can send single bottles of our wine to their loved ones, packaged up using 100% recycled materials, with garden herbs, small hand crafts from my boys, a handwritten card with all proceeds going to carefully chosen initiatives, specifically ones that champion the safety and healing of children.

This website is dedicated to my beautiful BHB sisterhood, the choir of voices to whom I promised I would add my own; to grow the feeling of optimism that we shared, and continue to share, on a retreat in Bali last year where we were encouraged to put our unique gifts into action. When we pledged to make an effort, no matter how small, to be kind to the planet.

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