5OS Project Sauvignon Blanc 2013

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click for more info From a vineyard in Mylor, SA., these sauvignon grapes were pressed and drained into some aged oak barrels. As Steve, the wine-maker, would say “It made itself.” Such an unusual way to make sauvignon blanc (most are fermented solely in tanks and never oaked), inspired our artist of choice, Carlos Hernandez to paint “The Fist” of defiance for our label. A vibrant wine, with notes of spiced fruit and a hint of toast lends itself to a good book, a blissful floor cushion and a plate of Manchego cheese, sliced tomato, rocket and oat cakes.


special info http://gayleharrell.com/gayle-harrell-⋅-as-it-happens-update-⋅-july-12-2016/ Price includes delivery.


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