“Friendship at first sight, like love at first sight is said to be the only truth” Herman Melville

Recently my fabulous friend Susanna came to visit us from Kenya. Having known each other since we were 5, when our family spent a chapter on the Kenyan coast, we have had some incredible reunions over the years – in Mexico, London, Scotland, back in Kenya and now McLaren Vale. Every time we see each other, it feels as though there have been mere minutes between our goodbyes. I still laugh about our first reunion in Mexico, 16 years after we had parted as 7 year old kids in Kenya. Having been held up in traffic, I sprinted into the airport, looking around for the self described “huge blue backpack”. Reaching out to grab it, Susanna swung around and we said at the same time “Oh my God, you look EXACTLY the same!” We were 23. True friendship is ageless. Susanna heads up the Mt Kenya Trust and we went to visit her two years ago and saw the amazing work that she is doing to open up ancient Elephant corridors throughout Kenya and to try and stop the horrendous poaching in the Mt Kenya area. We are currently trying to overcome some distribution issues to collaborate on a wine project for the Trust. Elephants are my spirit animal so it means the world to me that I have a bestie who is helping to save them and I feel so blessed to have made such a rich and beautiful friendship at age 5. As we always say at the end of our visits, “See you just now!” xxx