“I build my house of straw / I build my house of hay / I toot my flute / I don’t give a hoot / And play around all day.” Disney’s The Three Little Pigs

Two years ago, we started to build a straw bale home. I am so in love with Permaculture and have wanted to build this style of home since I first read Bill Mollison’s books at University. Steve and I wanted to do a “pay as you go” system so we have built in stages, nearly gotten divorced, and yoga breathed into the project. Our kitchen was completed in 2013 and the rest of the house in December of 2014. The straw bale component is my absolute favourite and exceeded my expectations in terms of aesthetics and insulation. “House of Bales” (link) from Goolwa, have done an incredible job – not just lovely, respectful people to work with but their specialised knowledge and eye for detail have meant that the house is a beautiful example of a bale home and I am so grateful that we have had the opportunity to build it.